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George R.R. Martin Talks Game of Thrones

Have you ever wished that HBO's Game of Thrones had just a few additional episodes each season? If so, then you are in good company. George R.R. Martin, who wrote the book series on which Thrones is closely based recently told the New York Times that he too wishes there were several more episodes each season to help flesh out different character relationships. George R.R. Martin “I wish we had more episodes,” Martin told the Times. “I’d love to have 13 episodes. With 13 episodes, we could include smaller scenes that we had to cut, scenes that make the story deeper and richer.” Unfortunately, due to a combination of expensive shooting locations and the show's actors wanting time away from Westeros to pursue additional projects, it's highly unlikely the series will ever be able to deviate from its current 10-episode season set-up. In the interview, Martin also opened up regarding the show's growing trend of going "off book," so to speak, and creating new scenes that do not exist within the novels. Likening this practice to the butterfly effect (wherein, killing a butterfly in the past can change the entire structure of the future), Martin stressed that he doesn't have the same control over the television series (being one of may producers) that he does when crafting the novels. As for when Martin will finally finish the much anticipated sixth novel in the book series? Still no word.


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