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HBO Gives Series Order to Comedy “The Brink”

HBO has announced that the star-filled comedy The Brink has been given a full series order. The comedy is set to star Jack Black, Tim Robbins, and Orange is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber, and will be produced by by mega producer Jerry Weintraub while the pilot was directed by Jay Roach. jackblack-bailout The series is being billed as a "dark comedy" looking at a geopolitical crisis and how it affects three men caught in its sway. Black will be portraying "a lowly Foreign Service officer," Robbins will be taking on the lofty role of the US Secretary of State, while Schreiber will be playing an ace Navy pilot. The three characters will have to work together to and help avert World War III. This will be the first foray into series television for both Black and Robbins, while Schreiber has shot to recent fame thanks to his work on the hit Netflix seriesĀ  Orange is the New Black. There is no word on how this new television commitment will impact his work on the online series. This also marks the first attempt at a television series from both Weintraub and Roach, although both have worked on made for TV movies with HBO in the past. There is currently no word on when The Brink will begin production, and no expected airdate has been announced. However, it is not likely to begin airing until this fall at the earliest.


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