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HBO Passes on Latest David Milch Series

HBO has passed on the latest series from David Milch. Considering Milch's past relationship with the network, as well as the quality of the cast he assembled for The Money, this news is particularly shocking. Milch, who initially made his name on television through his network series NYPD Blue, has created and produced three series for HBO, all to great critical acclaim: Deadwood, John from Cincinnati (widely considered the weakest of the three), and Luck (which ended its single season run amid the controversial deaths of several race horses). The Money was Milch's fifth consecutive pilot produced for the network. brendangleesonap The Money was about the intersection of wealth and corruption, and was set to star Brendan Gleesen as an American media mogul who wields significant influence both throughout the public sector and as the patriarch of a family. The series was also set to co-star Nathan Lane, and Ray Liotta had signed on in a recurring role. Milch had co-written the pilot, and he was expected to have significant creative control over the writing process going forward, much as he did for her previous series. There is no official word as to why HBO passed on the project and no word on whether it will now be shopped to additional networks.


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