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HBO Releases New Boardwalk Empire Trailer

It looks like things are set to get dangerous once again in Atlantic City, as HBO has released a new full-length trailer for Boardwalk Empire’s upcoming fourth season (embedded below).

The mob underworld is still dealing from the fallout of Richard Harrow’s massacre of 15 of Gyp Rosetti's men last season, and Nucky Thompson seems a bit more wary in his business dealings as a result. There is a new gangland player on the scene in the form of Jeffrey Wright's Dr. Arnold Narcisse (and that’s doctor, not mister), who controls Harlem. Also joining the cast for season four is Ron Livingston, who plays Roy Phillips, a mysterious gentleman who arrives in Atlantic City and takes a liking to Gillian.

In addition to offering our first glimpses of these new characters (with more emphasis on Narcisse than Phillips), the trailer also promises that “No reign goes unchallenged,” coupled with various shots of our favorite gangsters taking care of business of the violent variety. It certainly looks like Nucky and company are in for a wild ride - one during which not everyone will make it out in one piece. The series returns Sunday, September 9, 2013.


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