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HBO Renews Last Week Tonight

Remember last week when news broke that Jon Stewart was planning on stepping away from The Daily Show, and everyone started talking about how awesome it would have been for John Oliver to replace him? Well, turns out that is definitely not happening, as HBO has officially renewed Oliver's weekly news program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for two additional years. last.week_.tonight.john_.oliver The comedy news program, which made a major splash in its first season in 2014 and has recently begun airing its second, has become one of HBO's most watched (and talked about) new series. HBO has further increased the reach of the series by releasing a number of segments online, allowing people to bypass the HBO paywall and enjoy Oliver's long form reporting style. The next two seasons will roll out in 2016 and 2017, and each will consist of 35 episodes. While this marks a boon for HBO, it does deal a blow to the hopes of those who thought Oliver might make a triumphant return to Comedy Central in their hour of need.


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