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HBO Moves Forward with Scorsese’s Cortes

Another day, another major HBO series announcement. Just days after announcing that the star-studded Westworld (from J.J. Abrams and starring Anthony Hopkins, among others) will be officially produced to series, the network has announced it will be working with Martin Scorsese and Benicio del Toro on their series Cortes. The pair will be executive producing the drama series, which will be directed by Scorsese and written by Chris Gerolmo (the man behind Mississipi Burning). While no casting has been announced, del Toro has expressed some interest in taking the title role, which would certainly add some additional gravitas to the project (not that it really needs it, but every bit does help). El-actor-Benicio-del-Toro- The series is expected to explore Cortes's exploration of Mexico and his ultimate destruction of the Aztec Empire. While the subject matter is sweeping and will certainly make for a compelling series (considering HBO's work with another sweeping epic, Game of Thrones, it should also be beautifully shot), the conquering of Mexico and the destruction of its indigenous peoples is certainly a topic that might cause some controversy (although, again, not something new for HBO). Scorsese most recently delved into television through producing the recently ended HBO drama Boardwalk Empire, while this will be the first foray into television for del Toro, who has gained his game through a string of film roles.


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