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First Heroes Alum Announced for New Series

Since the announcement that NBC will be rebooting its former hit series Heroes for a 13-episode miniseries in the summer of 2015, fans of the original series have been waiting to see who, if any, of the show's original cast the network would be able to lure back to play their characters one more time. Jack-Coleman-28-9-10-kc Well, it turns out that Jack Coleman is the first former Heroes star to return to the fold. Coleman, who played the mysterious Noah Bennett (better known by his fan-given nickname of HRG, for his always present horned-rim glasses), will be coming back to reprise his role. While little is still known about the series, it seems unlikely that Noah Bennett's daughter Claire (portrayed by Hayden Panettiere, who is currently on ABC's Nashville) will also be returning. Does this mean that HRG will be up to his old tricks, searching out people with superpowers and tracking them for a shady organization? Only time will tell. But the addition of Coleman, who remained a fan favorite even when the show took major creative missteps late into its run, is certainly a positive start for Heroes: Reborn.


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