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Hulu Passes on Reviving Community

It looks like time might officially run out on the canceled cult comedy Community, as its last best hope at resurrection has announced it will not be picking up the series. Community, which aired on NBC for five seasons despite lackluster ratings but strong critical and fan support, was canceled by the peacock network this spring. While fans immediately began lamenting the cancellation, its studio Sony began shopping the series to other networks in the hope that one of them might provide it with new life. Hulu, the online streaming site, emerged as the best possible option over the past months, and many thought a deal might be struck- particularly as the online site has announced plans to begin tackling the broadcast networks by launching original programming. Unfortunately, a deal could not be reached, and Hulu has all but removed itself from the running to rescue Community.

Community - Season 5

While it is certainly possible another network or online site might ride in and save the day, the end of the possible Hulu deal is a particularly crushing blow to the hopes of fans, as it leaves precious little time left for a deal to be struck before Sony is forced to release the show's cast from their contracts. Per multiple reports, the casts' contracts officially end on June 30th if the series is not picked up for a sixth season. This means that there is less than a week to strike a deal to move the show forward. As of right now, there are no other reported offers, although Sony continues to shop the series.


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