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Is Laura Prepon Leaving Orange is the New Black?

After a successful first season, Orange is the New Black has already begun production on season two. Several recurring cast members have been promoted to full-time cast members, and fans are anxiously awaiting the next set of drama and hijinks from the ladies at Litchfield federal prison.

But, if the most recent reports are to be believed, the cast might be short one prominent actress when season two begins. Laura Prepon, who starred on the Netflix series as Alex Vause, the ex-girlfriend of the series’ protagonist Piper Chapman, has reportedly not signed on for the show’s second season. According to an article
, Prepon has informed producers that she does not want to appear on the show any longer.

Piper and Alex

Prepon has apparently agreed to appear in a limited number of episodes so that the writers might send Alex off in a fitting manner. The reports also say that the door will be left open for her return at a later date, suggesting that Alex is either destined to be sent off to a new wing of the prison, or, more likely, will be sent to another federal prison to serve out her sentence.

Netflix has responded to the rumors, saying, “Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed.” Others familiar with the situation have hinted that there’s more going on that has been previously reported, but neither Netflix nor Prepon have issued statements clarifying Prepon’s contract status with the show.


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