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Jada Pinkett Smith Set to Play Gotham Villain

The upcoming Fox drama Gotham picked up another big name cast member with the announcement that the series will add Jada Pinkett Smith to its cast. The series, which is being billed as a prequel to the Batman series of comics and films, will be set in the city of Gotham and focus on Jim Gordon's police work in the years before Bruce Wayne creates the Batman persona. mckenzie2_1_large Smith will be portraying a gangster by the name of Fish Mooney, who has been created for the series. She is described as a "hotheaded" nightclub owner, who possesses street smarts and a sadistic streak. But Mooney won't be the only villain that Gordon (who will be portrayed by The O.C. and Southland star Ben McKenzie) and his partner Detective Harvey Bullock (Terriers star Donal Logue) will have to contend with. Also set to make an appearance on the series during its first season is the character of Oswald Cobblepot, who will eventually become the Penguin (set to be portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor). Rounding out the series's good guys will be Erin Richards as Gordon's fiancee Barbara Kean and Sean Pertwee as Bruce Wayne's loyal butler Alfred. The character of Bruce Wayne will be a 12 year old boy at the start of the series, with no word on how involved the character will be in the main storylines.


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