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Jason Jones Leaving Daily Show

Well, another possible replacement for Jon Stewart has bit the dust with the news that Jason Jones will be leaving The Daily Show. Jones will be taking a starring role on a new TBS sitcom which was co-created by his wife, and fellow Daily Show contributor, Samantha Bee.


When news broke that Stewart was leaving the Comedy Central juggernaut after 17 years at its helm, Jones and Bee were both bandied around as potential replacements. The duo have hosted the series before, filling in for Stewart when he was out sick. Now, with Jones locked up in a new position with TBS, that pipe dream is fading as well. While Jones will be exiting the program, Bee has announced she will remain, which means Bee could still get promoted to the big chair. Bee will also continue as an executive producer on the as-yet-unnamed TBS pilot, which is based on Bee and Jones' experiences as parents on road trips with their children and has been given a 10-episode order.


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