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John Wesley Shipp’s Flash Role Revealed

News that John Wesley Shipp, who portrayed the role of Barry Allen/The Flash in the 1990's television version of the comic (which aired on CBS and was canceled after only a single season), would be taking on a role in the upcoming Arrow spin-off The Flash set the internet sphere into overdrive this past winter when it was initially announced. the flash Now, news has broken stating that Shipp will be taking on the role of Henry Allen, Barry's father, in the series. So far, Shipp is set to recur in the role, but executive producer Greg Berlanti indicated that Shipp will be a strong presence in the series saying, "He gives a fantastic and emotional performance in the pilot and we are looking forward to his presence in many more episodes." The Flash is set to air on Tuesday nights this fall on the CW and will star rant Gustin as the title character. Additional cast members include  Candice Patton (as Barry's best friend Iris West), Jesse L. Martin (as  Iris’ father Central City Detective West), and Tom Cavanagh (as S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Harrison Wells).


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