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Jon Stewart to Leave Daily Show This Year

The hits just keep on coming for Comedy Central's fake news shows, with the announcement that Jon Stewart will be stepping away from the host desk on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart before the end of 2015. This news comes less than a year after Stephen Colbert stepped away from his immensely popular Comedy Central series The Colbert Report and about a year after Stewart and Colbert's heir apparent John Oliver left the network for his own series on HBO (the popular weekly series Last Week Tonight). jon_stewart The news is still young, so little is known about when Stewart will be walking away from the series for good or who will be stepping in to replace him. In a statement, Comedy Central thanked Stewart for his nearly two decades of work on the series (Stewart has been manning the anchor desk for 17 years, which is quite an impressive feat in the world of comedy) and stated Stewart would leave the program before the end of the year. During his show on Tuesday, Stewart mentioned possible end dates, including this summer and late in the year. This won't be the first time the Daily Show has transitioned to a new host. Prior to Stewart, Craig Kilborn was the host of the series, which was more centered on comedy and celebrity interviews rather than the harder hitting journalism that Stewart has brought to the program.


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