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‘Last Week Tonight’ Offers Help For Your New Year’s Eve Plans

While Last Week Tonight might be on hiatus after its inaugural season, John Oliver and his team have been releasing small clips to YouTube. First, Oliver took aim at Thanksgiving, highlighting the ridiculous nature of the presidential turkey pardon. Now, Oliver and his team have concocted the perfect advice for those seeking to avoid the New Year's Eve insanity: Last Week Tonight premiered this past April, and has taken the pop culture world by storm by choosing to focus its reporting on smaller stories that have lacked major media coverage, while still offering a humorous take on the stories. Some major stories covered throughout the first season include the plight of Afghan and Iraqi translators who have been unable to immigrate to the US despite promises, net neutrality, and the vote for Scottish independence. In a particularly interesting move, the series (and HBO) have posted a number of the show's longform stories to YouTube, allowing those without access to HBO the ability to watch the stories- garnering millions of views. The series, which airs Sunday nights on HBO, will return with new episodes on February 8, 2015, for a run of 35 episodes- eleven more than in its first season.


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