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Lori Petty to Guest Star on Orange is the New Black

Ever wonder what happened to Lori Petty, star of such popular early 90s films like A League of Their Own and Point Break? As a huge fan of A League of Their Own, I know the question of where is she now has crossed my mind more than once (and I'm sure I'm not the only one, right?). It turns out that Petty will be guest starring on the upcoming second season of the Netflix critical and commercial smash hit Orange is the New Black. Nothing is known about Petty's role, which is par for the course for the secretive series (when news broke that series regular Laura Prepon would not be back full-time for season two, the streaming site refused to confirm or deny the story, allowing it to spiral into a huge media story). orange-is-the-new-black One can assume that Petty will be joining the prison ranks, as the series (for the uninitiated) takes place in a female federal prison in New York, and follows the various inmates as they try to survive their lives behind bars. Petty has a history of playing spunky and spirited characters, so it is also easy to assume her character will continue this trend. Orange is the New Black is expected to debut its second season this summer.


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