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No Man’s Sky: Too Big for Indie

After watching numerous videos showcasing No Man’s Sky being described by Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games, Destiny’s developer, I’ve lost nearly all interest I’ve carried for over a year. Unlike most I’ve been aware of NMS long before E3 2014, back when it was just an indie game with high potential. Now it has devolved into just another hype train where we ride blindly through a tunnel hoping that light at the end isn’t a new entrance to video game hell.

No Man's Sky 1

If you were to glance at my notes for this article you would find a few interesting titles. “Annoyed at Originally Indie.” “Universe Sized Ego,” “Hyped Up at Hyper Speed,” and “Repetitive Recognition” were just a few which came to mind upon pondering over No Man’s Sky. This is not meant as an attack on either the game or Hello Games, rather how the game is being whored out is what I loathe in regards to this new property.

What is No Man’s Sky? We have no true idea, but there is certainly a lot of people talking about a this dream of a game. Speculation, possibilities, concepts, and placeholders make up what is known as No Man’s Sky. But, with this lack of knowledge of the possible final product we are left bored due to saturation. Without any true mystery, only statements regarding ideas that are subject to change, we have little hope. We know what could happen as well as what the dev wants, but what will come from all that? Nothing positive, unless this one game defies all odds and becomes the masterpiece it is being said it could be.

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With that in mind, we have to take a step back and analyze this situation. For the exception of not being on Steam Early Access or a project on Kickstarter, how is this any different than a game found on such media? We are just now learning that Hello Games will make a primary source of “evil” which will most likely serve as a random factor of chaos. We are given the repetition of ideas and goals for this game, but who’s to say we won’t have another flop in the future than a dream? We all know Peter Molyneux set the bar for talking up a game and then the final product being nowhere near as close to what was hyped up. What dear Peter did could be repeating with Sean Murray, he talks a lot but when it finally comes we are left with Space Minecraft Clone.

The game hasn’t been confirmed for any platforms, but we know from Sony’s intervention with NMS that you can expect at least a PS4 release. When? Whenever it is finally finished. There begins our ever growing list of questions for No Man’s Sky. The following can be answered with, “I don’t know and most likely neither does any other person, including the developer.” Will there be other ships other than single man pods? Can you construct a base in space and/or on a planet? Will upgrades require resources and your own station or will you have to scour the universe just for the right merchant selling that specific upgrade?

In regards to upgrades, will each upgradable aspect of my character, tool, and ship will it be restricted to a series of skill tree like enhancements where strategy and planning is required or can you just upgrade simple factors such as damage, health, and other typical, or lazy if you prefer, augments? Will I be able to enlist NPCs as crew, manual labor, etc.? How much of the universe is controlled by players and how much is NPC dominated? Are NPCs finite as in if I were to destroy an entire faction that faction would be gone from the universe only to be remembered as my latest personal achievement? Pages upon pages of questions exist, but I’ll spare you the boredom of reading that.

No Man's Sky 3

Previously I mentioned the game could become nothing more than a Minecraft clone but one revolving around space rather than a single planet(s). We’ve witnessed that you will be able to destroy floating rocks in space as if they were nothing but a cluster of voxels. Resources have been made canon as far as what is involved with No Man’s Sky; you’ll be able to use them for trade as said by Sean Murray. Exploration and freedom are both stressed when it comes to NMS. There is a “goal” as you will find something to discover located at the center of the universe. Seem similar to Minecraft? The “goal” in Minecraft is to kill the Ender Dragon and upon doing so causes the credits to roll, but this does not have to be your goal when playing the game. Hello Games had better come up with some more ideas to have Sean Murray read off that will take away evidence from this game being further known as Minecraft…In Space!

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