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Mutant Football League: Attempting to Raise a Classic from Its Grave

The time for nostalgia hype is now. Mutant League Football is reaching a claw out from its grave from the 90’s to pull you back onto the football field for mutants, murder, and mayhem. With a simple switch of the words and the addition of a few unique teammates, Michael Mendheim aspires to bring Mutant Football League to gamers. This game will throw you away from sports based on real life, and make sure you land into a mosh pit filled on brutal hits, sadistic attacks, explosive playing fields, and farting.

Gas expulsion is only a pinch of spice for the main dish. This game will not only be accessible on Steam, but XBL and PSN are an option for backers as well. For those who prefer to game on the go, Mutant Football League also offers a mobile option should you feel inclined to be a part of this venture  Not only will you be able to pick your system and pick your team, as well as a possible a nose or two, you have a cornucopia of options to pledge.

A knuckleduster bottle opener, clothes, physical copy of the game, and a lot more are choices made just for you. Not enough? Then commit to the $8,500 option.  With that donation, you are flown out to Chicago to attend a Bears game with Mr. Mendheim, and go on a tour of the developer’s studio. Still find yourself wanting more involvement with MFL? Aim high by coughing up $10k which earns you everything available plus the following:  you’re flown to Chicago for the launch party, have an original mini-print of yourself as a mutant, and an extremely limited MFL Hall-of-Fame shirt. What is included in previous tiers are certain things that may not interest most people but die hard fans will begin to foam at the mouth. Designing your own defense and offense play, exclusive in-game animations from celebration and taunting to farting and dying, and all the digital content you could imagine and then some.

That all matters for naught if the game will not stand up on its on. With that I pose a question. What do you get with the following: Phineas and Ferb, The Angry Beavers, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, NBA Street, The Monster Engine, and Heavy Metal magazine?  Well that gives you simplified, though combined, résumés for Dave Devries, Dave Elliott, Jay Lender, Micah Wright, and Robomodo aka the development team for Mutant Football League. This group may sound unconventional but with the large fan base behind such shows and games, you will be safe in knowing that a solid team is behind this game’s creation.

Those too young for the infamous era of Sega vs. Nintendo, Mutant League Football had spawned a unique franchise that most oddities did back in the day. This game inspired a Saturday morning cartoon, a comic book series, a line of action figures, and a sequel called Mutant League Hockey. It would surprise very few if there were talks of this game being turned into a movie. What could Mutant Football League chain reaction into? Hopefully the Kickstarter goal of $750k is not out of reach for this project so this game has the chance to resurrect the franchise.

Now, as it stands, there is no current game that fills the void as MFL will. Many would defend Blood Bowl as a rival for MFL, but Blood Bowl leans heavily into the strategic realm of gaming. Mutant Football League will use a classic side view camera, seen in such games as Brutal Sports Football, Tecmo Bowl, and Football Heroes, this will allow players to enjoy reactions and animations rather than stare at gassy bums. Six types of players are mentioned and the most unique addition would be BattleBots. Robots will significantly stand out amongst barbarian style humanoids, large ogre type Enforcers, and the Undead. Another addition to MFL could be weapons. Weapons have been hinted at through images shown on the Kickstarter page. How these possible tools will be handled, as well as other mechanics, is unknown at this point in time.

What is known is that this game needs to exist. Gamers have not had a game as unique as Mutant Football League. MFL could be the pinnacle for sports games. Madden has left the genre stagnant and it is time for a knuckleduster to the chin followed by a spiked pigskin to the solar plexus. That maneuver is known as Mutant Football League.

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