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NBC Cancels Planned Hillary Clinton Miniseries

When NBC announced the network would be producing a miniseries telling Hillary Clinton’s life story, the backlash was swift. The Republican National Committee voted to boycott NBC and CNN during the 2016 primary debates. And several NBC News personalities, including Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, spoke out against the timing of the proposed miniseries.

It was announced Monday, September 30th, that NBC has decided to scrap the miniseries, despite already announcing the project’s star (Diane Lane) and writer (Courtney Hunt), as well as providing details as to the show’s expected timeline.

Diane Lane was set to star as Clinton

Prior to its announced cancelation, the miniseries was to begin production early next year, in hopes of airing the four-hour long miniseries right before Clinton was to announce her candidacy for President (assuming, of course, that Clinton does indeed decide to run once again). The miniseries was expected to cover Bill Clinton’s final term in the White House, and follow Hillary as she ran for Senator and later served as Secretary of State, culminating in her second campaign for President.

There is no official word as to why the high profile project was scrapped, but the decision was announced mere hours after CNN announced the network would not be moving forward with a planned documentary of Hillary Clinton’s life.


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