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Netflix Exec Confident in Arrested Development Return

For fans of the comedy Arrested Development, its brief return for a fourth season on Netflix after years off the air was a mere tease, as the fourth season came and went with no word on whether or not there would be a fifth season to resolve the cliffhangers within the fourth season. But fans can take some measure of solace in the fact that Ted Sarandos has every confidence that the series will be back on the streaming site with new episodes sometime in the future. Arrested Development Review: Season 4 Brings the Funny Despite a Slow Start In a recent interview with USA Today, Sarandos stated that "It's just a matter of when," when pressed about the possibility of more time with the Bluth clan. All that needs to happen now is for Netflix to sort out the various schedules of the show's cast to determine a time frame for filming. But, considering how busy many of the cast members have become, that might be easier said than done. Sarandos also indicated that actor availability (or, rather, lack thereof) may have been responsible for the uneven nature of the show's debut Netflix season. In light of that, when the series comes back for its fifth season, Netflix is aiming to have the entire cast together far more often than was the case in season four. That, at least, should help make the wait for new episodes a bit easier to take.


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