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Netflix Releases Orange is the New Black Trailer

The weather is getting warmer, which can only mean one thing: Orange is the New Black will be back June 17 on Netflix for its fourth season. Following an uneven third season that saw the show lean too heavily on Piper and her prison business, the fourth season looks like it will be more in the vein of the much darker second season (the creative high point for the series so far). From the trailer, it looks like almost all of our favorite inmates are returning, although it looks like those who were sent down the hill in season three (Nicky and Stella) remain MIA (which, in the case of Stella, isn't a bad thing). Orange always works best when it focuses on the struggles of individual inmates against the various forces of power within the prison (think the spectacular Pennsatucky arc last season), and it certainly looks like the upcoming season will have struggles galore. Check out the trailer below to get a peek at what season four has in store for the ladies of Litchfield. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6O9rfoz0f8[/embed]


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