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New Details Build Hype For Breaking Bad Season Five

Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad‘s sinister Los Pollos Hermanos drug lord Gus Fring, has revealed a couple more details on the show’s fifth season to get viewers hyped up. In an interview with The Wrap, Esposito discussed the timeframe of the upcoming season (Spoiler alert for the fourth season of the show!), “I do know this,” said Esposito. “Season five takes up right where we left off…literally right after Gus’s death.”

Esposito, who recently appeared in an episode of Community as Chevy Chase’s estranged half-brother, also expressed a desire to return to Breaking Bad in some capacity. “If I were in [series creator Vince Gilligan’s] position, I would more than likely explain some of Gus’s back history,” he said. Gus came to be one of the show’s hallmark characters in season four, and with lengthy flashbacks already expanding on his earlier years, the show certainly has scope to explore it further.

Breaking Bad returns on July 15 on AMC. Catch the new promo below:

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