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New Details Surrounding 24 Reboot Emerge

When news broke a few months back that Fox was planning on rebooting their successful drama 24 after almost four years off the air, fans of the show were ecstatic. Although the new plan called for the show to only air 12 episodes (down from the typical 24- one for each hour in the day), re-launching the series as a limited special event would still allow fans a chance to see Jack Bauer and his crack team investigate and stop terrorist attacks.

With the initial announcement in May, details were scarce. However, in a recent interview with executive producer Howard Gordon, “Assignment X” managed to scare up a few new details as to what fans can expect when 24: Live Another Day starts up in the spring of 2014.

Jack Bauer

While initial reports had 24 slated to air next May, Gordon states that the show is now slated to return in April of 2014. In addition, Gordon reports that all the show's essential past writers have signed on, including David Fury, Manny Coto and Evan Katz, with Katz and Coto doing double duty as co-executive producers. The season will still cover a 24 hour span, but each episode will cover more than a single hour.

As for which actors will be back alongside Keifer Sutherland, Gordon remained mum, stating that they are still working on securing deals before making announcements. However, Gordon did state that he has high hopes that fan favorite Mary Lynn Rajskub will be persuaded to take Chloe out for a spin one more time.


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