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New Heroes Reboot Will Have Online Prequel

NBC announced that the upcoming reboot to the once popular series Heroes will be getting an online series to go with it. The reboot, entitled Heroes Reborn, was announced this past February to mixed fan and critical response. Heroes, for those who might not remember, premiered to huge ratings and critical acclaim in the fall of 2004, building to what was billed as an epic battle between good and evil at the end of the first season. When the battle turned out to be less than what fans and critics expected, the shine quickly went off the series, and it continued to shed viewers throughout its remaining four season life. Sylar The online prequel, currently titled Heroes Reborn: Digital Series, is currently shrouded in secrecy (much like details surrounding the actual show reboot), but NBC has released a statement highlighting the online series as a means to “bring original content to the forefront on all of [their] digital platforms.” Both the television series and the online prequel will be produced by Heroes creator Tim Kring.


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