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Orlando Jones Leaving Sleepy Hollow

Another one bites the dust. After a season that saw two major characters killed off (along with a massive dip in quality, which was even more depressing), word has now broken that Orlando Jones (Frank Irving) will be leaving the series. Considering how little Irving appeared in the second season, this might not be all that shocking, but since Jones was the show's big name actor when it premiered two years ago, it is still a surprise to see him go.


Following the exit of Jones and the show's showrunner Mark Goffman, it is clear that the series is looking for a creative reboot next season - something it desperately needs. While there is still time before the third season premieres this fall, all signs are pointing to a greater focus on the Ichabod-Abby relationship (the cornerstone of the series, and something that took a real backseat in the mess of season two). Sleepy Hollow will be back with its third season this fall on Fox.


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