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PaleyFest Announces 2014 Lineup

Every spring, the Paley Center for Media holds the two week television extravaganza PaleyFest, offering fans the opportunity to see the cast and crew of their favorite past and current shows discuss everything under the sun. As is often the case with cast and crew panels, the shows chosen for this March's PaleyFest slate tend to skew a bit toward the off beat, with most shows falling under the heading of either "critical darling" or pop culture phenomenon. More often than not, falling under both categories. And while nearly all the shows with panels are currently on the air, PaleyFest's hottest ticket is likely to be for the 10th Anniversary reunion panel for Lost. After all, who doesn't want one last chance to accuse Damon Lindelof or Carlton Cuse of ruining the show? orange-is-the-new-black Here's the list of the announced panels, and their dates (all panels will take place in Los Angeles, CA): Thursday, March 13: Opening Night Presentation: Veronica Mars Reunion (7 pm) Friday, March 14: Orange Is the New Black (7 pm) Saturday, March 15: How I Met Your Mother Farewell (7 pm) Sunday, March 16: Pretty Little Liars (1 pm Matinee Presentation) Sunday, March 16: Lost: 10th Anniversary Reunion (7 pm) Tuesday, March 18: Parks and Recreation (7 pm) Wednesday, March 19: Sleepy Hollow (7 pm) Friday, March 21: Mad Men (7 pm) Saturday, March 22: The Vampire Diaries  & The Originals (7 pm) Sunday, March 23: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1 pm Matinee Presentation) Monday, March 24: Masters of Sex (7 pm) Tuesday, March 25: The Mindy Project (7 pm) Wednesday, March 26: Community (7 pm) Thursday, March 27: Veep (7 pm) Friday, March 28: Closing Night Presentation: American Horror Story: Coven (7:00 pm)


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