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Prison Break Stars to Reunite on The Flash

When news broke this summer that Wentworth Miller, star of the much beloved Fox series Prison Break, would be returning to television on the upcoming CW series The Flash, fans of both shows rejoiced. Now, news has broken that Miller's Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell will be stopping by The Flash during the show's first season. prison-breaks-wentworth-miller-joins-the-flash-as-captain-cold1 Miller is set to join the cast of The Flash in the series' fourth episode as Captain Cold, while Purcell will be appearing in the series' tenth episode as a pyromaniac. No word on whether or not Purcell will be sticking around The Flash and teaming up with Miller's character, but considering their characters present polar opposites, one would hope they would at least find some time to interact with each other. Fans of Prison Break will recall that Miller and Purcell played brothers on the series, and they won't be the only Prison Break alums to appear on the Arrow spin-off. Robert Knepper, who has already appeared on Arrow, is also set to make an appearance as The Clock King on The Flash during its first season. Knepper portrayed convict T-bag on Prison Break.


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