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BBC Announces New Sherlock Episodes

Remember how awful it was to wait the standard two years between each season of the BBC hit drama Sherlock? Spending the time desperately trying to figure out how Sherlock could get out of his latest jam? Well, good news! We won't have to wait two years until the next episode of Sherlock! Bad news, we'll still have to wait until 2015 for a new episode. sherlock1 It has been announced that Sherlock, complete with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, will return in late 2015 with a special episode (most likely a Christmas Special, with is a common event for many British television series), which will be followed in January of 2016 by a run of three new episodes. So, we'll be getting a slightly larger number of episodes, but we still have to wait essentially two years from the date of the third series to see them. Oh well, I guess that's the best case scenario considering how busy and popular Cumberbatch and Freeman have become. The Special is set to begin shooting in early 2015, with the additional three episode season scheduled to shoot later in 2015. No word on when the great cliffhanger from season three will be addressed- in the Special, or during the run of season four- but I have a feeling many people will be relieved to finally have an actual indication as to when Sherlock will once again be gracing our screens.


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