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Showtime Releases Homeland Season Three Trailer

With just over a month left before the launch of Homeland’s third season, Showtime has released the official season three trailer.

Season two left things very much up in the air for all of the show’s characters. The CIA was bombed, killing numerous agents, leaving Saul in charge of rebuilding. Brody, blamed for the attack in what appeared to be a frame job, was forced to go on the run. A heartbroken Carrie has been left to pick up the pieces of her life and try and salvage her CIA career, while Brody’s family has been left without their husband and father.

Judging from the trailer, it certainly looks like nothing has gotten better for anyone in the interim. Carrie and Saul are at odds with each other and being forced to testify in front of Congress. The Brodys are living life under a microscope, and a lost Dana appears to be spiraling out of control. Peter Quinn is tracking someone with plenty of firepower. And Brody is in an undisclosed location, bald and bloody, doing who knows what.

It certainly looks like Brody and Carrie have a long way to go before they can be reunited . Homeland returns September 29, 2013. Check out the trailer below.


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