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Superman Prequel ‘Krypton’ in Development at SyFy

Since the premiere of Gotham this fall, have you been wondering why Batman is getting all the attention lately while poor Superman stands in the corner (at least in the TV world- I think everyone can agree that both Batman and Superman are doing just fine in the realm of film)? Well, it appears that the SyFy channel shares your views on the Man of Steel, as the network has announced it will be developing a prequel series a la Fox's Gotham to explore the origins of Superman. IDW To Republish Superman Sunday Newspaper Strips Those familiar with Superman's origin story are likely wondering exactly what this prequel, tentatively titled Krypton, will focus on, considering Superman was an infant when he was sent to Earth (in comparison, Bruce Wayne is an adolescent in Gotham, so he is at least tangentially involved in the show's main action). Early reports say that the series is being developed by Man of Steel writer David Goyer and will focus on the House of El prior to the birth of Superman. We would, presumably, get to see the development of the political unrest and violence that eventually leads to the destruction of Krypton, including appearances by General Zod. That being said, the series is in its nascent stages, with many months of development still to come before a clear picture as to what the show will be appears.


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