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Syfy Annouces Spate of New Programming

'Tis the season for networks to begin announcing what shows will be airing within the next 12 months. Today, Syfy announced several upcoming collaborations and adaptations of popular comic and graphic novels. First up, Syfy will be teaming with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to adapt his graphic novel "Clone" for the small screen. The series will follow the same trajectory as the graphic novel, with the central character, ex-soldier Luke Taylor, coming home to find his house being burglarized by his clone, which in turns draws him into a web of government conspiracy. The second series in development will be an adaption of Frank Miller's DC Comics series "Ronin." The comic adaptation will follow a 13th century samurai warrior who wakes up in futuristic New York, ready to avenge his master's death. Currently, the adaptation is expected to be a mini-series rather than a full series order, but it is always possible that like Battlestar Galactica before it, Ronin might become a full-fledged series. Grossman_The-Magicians-712796 Rounding out today's announcements is the announcement that Syfy will be adapting The Magicians, a popular fantasy series from Lev Grossman. The series is set in modern New York, where a group of young adults study magic and discover the magical world they read about as children is actually real. While all three of these series are in their initial development stages, judging from their built-in fanbases it is hard to imagine them not eventually moving to full series or miniseries orders.


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