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Starz and BBC Green Light ‘The Kills’ Adaptation

While it has only been available on US bookshelves for the past week, Richard House’s novel "The Kills" is already set to be adapted into a drama for Starz and the BBC. The novel (which originally was released in the UK as a series of four interconnected novels, but was released in the US with all four novels bound within a single book) tells the story of a global manhunt for a British mercenary who goes on the run after stealing $50 million dollars from a US reconstruction project in Iraq. The novel has been met with strong reviews in the US and was up for several awards through its UK release in 2013. While it is still early days and specifics regarding casting, directing, and even writing are yet to be announced, the decision to adapt 'The Kills' for the small screen is an interesting one. Unlike many book series, "The Kills" maintains a unique narrative set-up that will likely prove difficult to adapt to a more linear television season. The series is set to be produced by Playground, as part of Colin Calendar's development deal with Starz. Calendar has previously worked on The White Queen and Dancing on the Edge for the network.


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