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The Leftovers Renewed for Second Season

Fear not Guilty Remnant fans, you won't have to contemplate a dark future without the comfort of silent chain smokers dressed in white. HBO announced today that the network will be renewing its freshman drama The Leftovers. Based on the novel of the same name from Tom Perrotta and produced by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, the series hasn't drawn huge numbers. Its series premiere only saw 1.8 million viewers, but it has received favorable reviews from critics (who have warned of the show's bleakness, but generally praised it for refusing to bow down to traditional television conventions). The show explores how various survivors to a mass worldwide disappearance, that saw two percent of the world's population vanish, deal with the pain of moving on three years after the strange and unexplained event occurred. leftovers The Leftovers is just over halfway through its initial 10-episode run, with the first season set to conclude on September 7, 2014. The series stars Justin Theroux, Christopher Eccleston, and Amy Brenneman, and is expected to return next summer. An episode order for the second season has yet to be announced, but it will likely be between 10 and 13 episodes. But for viewers on the fence about starting the series, now that it is set to return for another season it might be time to pick it up. That is, if you can handle the bleakest show on television.


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