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The Walking Dead Releases New Scene From Upcoming Premiere

The Walking Dead released a new clip from the show’s much anticipated fourth season. In it, fan favorite Michonne (who appears to have found a new mode of transportation for the new season) finds herself in a potentially deadly situation upon returning to the prison. Check out the new scene below.

The clip, which follows the recent release of the season’s four minute trailer, continues the slow build to the hit AMC series’ upcoming October 13 premiere. The new season will feature several new faces now that the Woodbury survivors have joined Rick’s gang at the prison.

While details are scarce as to what additional dangers the group will face (besides the constant threat of the ever present zombie horde), last season’s villain the Governor remains at large and likely looking to get a chance to take down Rick once and for all. The series will also be operating under its third showrunner in four seasons, as longtime writer Scott Gimple takes over the reins. Gimple has been responsible for several of the show’s best episodes, so hopes are high that his tenure at the helm will be successful. Check out the season four trailer below.


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