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New Teaser Trailer for The Walking Dead Released

We're closing in on the season 5 premiere for AMC's hit series The Walking Dead, and in celebration of only have a mere two and a half weeks left to wait, AMC has released a new teaser trailer for the season. When we last left Rick and his motley crew, nearly the entire cast had been captured and stored in a train car- at the mercy of the sinister gang at Terminus. Only Carol and Tyreese (and, baby Judith) remained free, and poor Beth was kidnapped and spirited away in an unknown car. Things are certainly looking dire for our heroes, and the trailer (embedded below) doesn't offer a great deal of hope. After all, "It’s not over till they’re all dead" isn't exactly a good sign. But, as fans of The Walking Dead know, plenty of things can happen in an instant and heads will likely roll. Coming of an incredibly successful fourth season as one of the highest rated programs on all of television (the season finale drew 15.7 million viewers- practically unheard of in today's television landscape), season five should offer more of the same: blood, gore, walkers, and death. Check out the trailer to get excited about season five, premiering on October 12.


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