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Top of the Lake to Return in 2016

Way back in 2013, SundanceTV was a fledgling new network. It was about to premiere the exceptional Rectify (which is in the midst of its third season right now- watch it!). But before that, the network aired a gripping and gorgeous mini-series from Jane Campion entitled Top of the Lake. The series starred Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter and dealt with the investigation into a girl's pregnancy. Set in Campion's native New Zealand, the series was one of the best shows of the year. It was also meant to be a one-off series.

Top Of The Lake

Last year, news broke that Campion was planning on doing a second series of the show, which was met with excitement and a bit of wariness from fans and critics. After all, the first series was so exceptional on nearly every level, why mess with it. There was little more heard of the project until now. Today, it was revealed that Moss will be returning to reprise her role as Detective Robin Griffin in the second season of the show, which is expected to begin shooting this December with a 2016 premiere envisioned. No other actors from the original series have been announced as returning (although, considering the ending of that series, that's not a surprise), and this season will apparently deal with a case set in Hong Kong, while the season will be filmed in Sydney, Australia. Campion and Gerard Lee will handle the writing duties once again this time around. Personally, I'm thrilled to get another short season from Campion and Lee, but I'm still a bit worried about lightening striking twice. I guess we'll see come next year.


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