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True Blood Musical in the Works?

HBO's True Blood is set to begin its seventh and final season on Sunday, but recent news from the show's premiere hint that this season might not be the last time Sookie Stackhouse and her strange and mysterious supernatural friends appear. Premiere Date for “True Blood” Set Nathan Barr, who composed the instrumental score for the television series throughout its seven year run, told The Huffington Post that he has approached both HBO and former True Blood showrunner Alan Ball about the possibility of creating a Broadway-bound True Blood musical. He has already enlisted the aid of True Blood star Stephen Moyer (who plays the tortured Bill Compton, and who also appeared as Captain von Trapp in last year's live Sound of Music broadcast on NBC) in creating some sample songs. While Barr cautions that this idea is still in its infancy, he also has high hopes that both HBO and Ball will give him the official green light to move forward. As for what a True Blood musical might entail, Barr told the Post that he wants to "try to return to the roots of the show," which is likely wonderful news to fans of the series, many of whom feel it has wandered far away from its strengths in past seasons.


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