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True Detective Season Two Casting Rumors Heat Up

In the several months since the end of the first installment of HBO's True Detective, fans and critics alike have been clamoring for information on which actors will be taking over for the anthology's second season. Finally, after a great deal of speculation (and a number of fun Twitter hashtag suggestions), it's looking like some actual information regarding the next team to take on the dark and gritty True Detective storytelling may be emerging. As has been reported by multiple outlets (and confirmed by True Detective Executive Producer/Writer Nic Pizzolatto), the second season of the series will have four lead characters, up from two in the first season. And, unlike in the first season, at least one of the main characters will be a juicy role for an actress (welcome news after how poorly the first season handled its female characters). truedetective In terms of casting, nothing has been officially reported and HBO won't confirm the rumors, but The Wrap has put out the names of four major film and television actors who are reportedly in the running for the four coveted lead roles. Vince Vaughn is reportedly in talks to take on the role of the season's antagonist (not necessarily a killer or villain, just the central antagonist), while fellow movie actor Colin Ferrell is in talks to take on the central male leading role. Taylor Kitsch is at the top of the list for the younger male leading characters, while Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss is in talks to play the season's female lead. Also in talks for a role in the new season is Michelle Forbes (most recently of The Killing). While none of these names are confirmed, their participation would certainly bring an air of prestige to the second season.


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