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Twin Peaks to Return to Television

Showtime has announced that the network will be reviving the early 90s television series Twin Peaks in a limited series form. One of the most highly lauded and equally derided series of the 90s (the first season is generally held in extremely high esteem, while the second season is largely seen as a failure), rumors of a Peaks reboot have been circulating for a number of years. Now, it appears to be a done deal. twin The next installment of Twin Peaks will air on Showtime in 2016, almost exactly 25 years after the great mystery of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" began. The series co-creators, Mark Frost and David Lynch, will be so-writing the entire upcoming third season, which will consist of seven episodes. Lynch, who has gone on from Peaks to become one of film's most highly lauded directors, will also direct all seven episodes. While nothing has been revealed in terms of plot, it is expected that the show will include Kyle Maclachlan reprising his role as Special Agent Dale Cooper. Twin Peaks is widely given credit for inspiring later genre success stories, like The X-Files (whose star David Duchovny has a memorable turn on Peaks) and Lost. In order to prepare for the return of Twin Peaks, all of the episodes from the show's two seasons are streaming on Netflix and HuluPlus.


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