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USA Passes on Happy Endings

It looks as if a happy ending may be out of reach for Happy Endings after USA announced it would not be acquiring the recently canceled ABC comedy.

Lauded with critical acclaim, Happy Endings was unable to overcome a series of timeslot moves by ABC and succumbed to low ratings and cancelation after three seasons. USA was thought to be the best chance for the show to continue, but the cable network passed on the chance to save the show, citing its history of low ratings as the main concern. USA reportedly was unwilling to commit to the large marketing campaign the network felt the show would require to increase ratings.

The cast of Happy Endings

Sony, the studio behind Happy Endings, is still reportedly looking for a home for the show, with TBS, NBC, and online outlets Netflix and Amazon being discussed as possibilities. Sony has managed to save several of their previously canceled shows in the past, and there are several instances of other networks stepping in to pick up canceled shows (most recently, the successful move of former ABC property Cougar Town to TBS), but with Sony’s contracts with the show’s six stars set to expire at the end of the month, it is looking more and more likely that Happy Endings may be officially dead and gone.


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