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Vee to Return to Orange is the New Black?

Apparently we're all a bit starved for news relating to our favorite convicts, as the internet blew up this week with news that Vee, the sociopathic villain from Orange is the New Black season two might be returning for season three. If you haven't watched season two of the series yet, I would advise you to stop reading now, as spoilers for that season will be mentioned below. vee1 As you might recall, Vee appeared to have finally met her match in the form of a prison van driven by Miss Rosa at the end of season two. It was widely assumed that Vee was killed in the collision, although the series' creators, and even Lorraine Toussaint (the actress who portrayed Vee so excellently), refused to confirm Vee's current state. TMZ reported that Toussaint was spotted heading into the Orange is the New Black sound stage in New York, setting off rumors that perhaps Vee wasn't as dead as everyone supposed. Or, perhaps Vee was going to be appearing in another Taystee flashback? Apparently the rapidly spreading rumors reached Netflix, who released a statement stating that Vee would not be appearing in the third season of the show. Toussaint is currently a series regular on the ABC series Forever, which has not yet received a full season pick-up from the network. Orange is the New Black is currently in the midst of filming the show's third season, which is expected to be released in June of 2015.


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