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Wet Hot American Summer Trailer Arrives

In only three short weeks, one of this summer's most anticipated new shows will premiere. And for fans of the cult classic film that has inspired this series, it is a moment nearly 15 years in the making. Wet Hot American Summer is back. Starring pretty much every actor you have ever seen, the series will be a prequel to the cult classic film. The series is set to premiere on July 31 on Netflix, and the entire star-studded cast is back for this round (even megastar Bradley Cooper took some time out of his film career to appear in the series. The season will consist of eight episodes and, as is the case with most Netflix shows, all will be released simultaneously. To get hyped for the best summer ever, check out the full trailer for the season below. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLlMTn_Jzok[/embed]


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