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Woody Allen to Create Show for Amazon

Woody Allen has thrown his hat into the the television ring, with the announcement that the Oscar-winning writer and director will be developing a television series for Amazon's streaming video site. The announcement is a major coup for Amazon, who has often been overshadowed by rival Netflix when it comes to scoring elite talent and big Hollywood names. However, hot off the heals of Amazon's victories at the Golden Globes, it's turning out to be a pretty good week for Amazon. woody-allen-woody-allen-a-documentary Very few details are known about the series Allen will be creating (it is currently titled Untitled Woody Allen Project), but Allen will be writing and directing all episodes. Outside of that, the only other information offered by Amazon in their press release is that the series will debut on its streaming platform Amazon Prime in the US, UK, and Germany exclusively in 2016. The series will escape the traditional Amazon gauntlet, wherein new pilots must be voted into development by viewers, but considering the caliber of Allen's name recognition and talent, it's hardly surprising.


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