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10 Female Characters for a Hillary Clinton Administration

So, the 58th presidential election has come and gone. The two candidates in the running for the job of commander in chief took part in a hard fought race; one that seemed heavily in favor of a particular side. Neither of the candidates were strangers to this race, having both previously participated with varying degrees of popularity, but ultimately their runs were unsuccessful. This year, like 2008 before it, has been a particularly historic situation in that for the first time in United States history, a woman was the democratic nominee for the big seat as the President of the United States. Now, this isn't the first time that a woman has joined the running to become the next president. For that, you would have to go back to the year 1872 and read about Victoria Woodhill. This is however, the first time that a woman has gotten as far as Hillary has, so close to the presidency that she could smell it. Regardless of how you feel about either candidate, you might have to admit that this is pretty cool (unless of course you are one of those 'this is a man's world and the job of running a country should be a man's responsibility' types.) In any event, now that we've had more than a month to take in and hopefully digest the results of President-elect Donald Trump's victory, we at Entertainment Fuse have decided to take a moment of silence to lament on the loss of what might have been and to also examine 10 characters who would fit right in under a Hillary Rodham Clinton administration, were that a reality. 1. Maggie Fitzgerald 99wobmv44d8mvm4w You might be thinking about how surprising a choice Maggie is. A former waitress from Missouri who has a dream of becoming a professional boxer. She comes from the humblest of places and a lack of family support. Yet, through her tenacity and will she manages to bypass all the haters who think they are better than her and graciously achieve her dream of going pro. Maggie is the kind of one-two punch character you need in spite of where she ultimately ends up. She still boldly went after what she wanted. 2. Katniss Everdeen katniss-everdeen-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-24806-2560x1440-hunger-games-3-mockingjay-where-in-the-world-is-katniss-everdeen-jpeg-113458 Okay, this one is a more or less expected choice. The Girl on Fire did lead a full scale revolution against a tyrant of a leader in President Snow. When you consider that Hillary Clinton boldy went up against Donald Trump, who many believe wouldn't be too far away from President Snow on the scale of petty annoyance to dangerous dictator, how could Katniss not be on this list? Not unlike the aforementioned Maggie, Katniss comes from tough beginnings. Ever the survivor, she not only makes it through the dangerous Games not once, but twice, and then unintentionally becomes the face of the rebellion and is instrumental in burning down the Snow regime. 3. 'M' quantum_of_solace56 This incarnation of 'M' is so serious a situation that she had to occupy two separate timelines in the James Bond world. I dare you to suggest she wouldn't be a killer character to have in a world where a woman is president of the United States. She calls the shots, delegates responsibilities and has absolutely no problem with sending a man out to die. Martin Campbell, the only Bond film director with the distinction of ushering in two Bond eras in two timelines, once said, completely disregarding timeline or anything remotely resembling conventionality, "She's just 'M' and that's all there is to it." And that's really all one can say. 4. Galadriel 3587660-galadriel-the-hobbit Regal, powerful and the most beautiful woman in all of Middle-Earth, if she can turn a Dwarf, sworn to hate all Elvenkind, she can certainly turn all haters of a woman in the Oval Office, and quite easily. All it takes is one look from those intensely wonderful eyes and your soul is laid bare. What an asset something like that would be in a meeting with world leaders at the G4 summit or somewhere. Galadriel would be able to look at someone and tell what their motives are. With so much going on behind the scenes in the world of politics, the ability to do that could solve a lot of the world's problems. 5. Kate Macer sicario Idealism is something that seems to always be a universal experience at the prospect of and later the start of a new presidential administration. Folks are happy with a change in the new face representing the country and feel inspired by the fact that their voices made this change possible. Top agent, Kate Macer is an idealist. She accepts a special assignment in the hopes of putting a real dent in her never-ending crusade against the bad guys. Sure, she learns a thing or two that may one day make her question whether or not it is possible to do all the good she thought she could do. Still, it just means she has a conscience. 6. Hermione Granger 7kdvxp3 When the woman who brought Hermione to life on the big screen is the UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador, it becomes quite easy to envision a world where a bookish young woman can affect change. This isn't in the films, which, however sad that may be, was probably a smart decision. However, Hermione started the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.), a movement geared toward the liberation and equal rights for House Elves. Sound familiar at all? There were references to this aspect of her character in the films in which she expressed her distaste with how the elves are treated. Like her real-life counterpart who passionately campaigns for the rights of women, Hermione gets in there and fights for the little guy or in this case, the little Elves. It also doesn't hurt that without her, Harry and Ron wouldn't have made it as far as they did. She would be welcomed with open arms in a new Clinton administration. 7. Colonel Katherine Powell helen-mirren-793x446 It must be something to hold the lives of so many people in your hands when they don't even realize it. A single command given could change everything in the blink of an eye. When you have eyes in the sky, sometimes that's all it takes. This is Colonel Powell's job. She wakes up at an ungodly hour to the news that an undercover agent has been murdered and with that, she commences to dishing out some tough orders as she heads up a mission to capture militant terrorist figures. For any task force you might be assembling, Colonel Katherine Powell should certainly be on the team. 8. Wonder Woman gal-gadot-wonder-woman The second ambassador on this list, the Amazon Princess has long been associated with women moving up in the world, taking back their positions and owning their choices since before Gloria Steinem's Ms. Magazine put her on the cover back in 1972; the symbol of the second wave feminist movement and female empowerment for several generations of girls and young women. She has become central to how we see the contemporary feminist. She isn't a man hater, despite all the atrocities that have been committed by men throughout history. Rather, she is the lone Amazon chosen to represent the women of Themyscira fighting to bring about peace to the world of men, a role she fully embraces. It is one thing to mediate with world leaders on any kind of political stage, and make no mistake, however you slice it, Wonder Woman can be, and definitely has been used as a political tool. It is another thing entirely however, to mediate with people between the leaders of Earth and gods and various otherworldly individuals. How cool would she be in any administration? She would be the first person to pick to be on the team. 9. Furiosa furiosa-590x332 Once the top soldier of Immortan Joe's impenetrable army, she ultimately betrays him in order to protect the Five Wives and bring the to the Green Place, the promised land. She and Wonder Woman could do some real damage against any foe if it came to that. 10. Jillian Holtzmann Last, but certainly not least, we have Dr. Jillian Holtzmann. For anyone who thinks there couldn't be a place for her in a new Clinton administration, you might have to watch Ghostbusters if you haven't already. And if you have, then you should see it again. Do it for yourself. Do it for Holtzmann if for no one else. She is easily the best thing about the film. Delightfully awkward, beyond intelligent and a brilliant inventor with a style all her own, Holtzmann is the right bit of quirky to make any situation interesting. You can't help, but like her. As we move onward and into a new year, under a new administration, there is a good deal of uncertainty ahead. Despite that, let us remember these women and other characters like them who haven't been mentioned here. May we always be able to look to them for inspiration and hope during the tough times.  


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