Entertainment Fuse Has Closed

A Letter from the Founder

It all began in 2009 with a simple idea: What if we created an honest news and review website for gaming with a strong community behind it? One that couldn't be bought for positive reviews or influenced to sell pages out to the highest bidder. With that, Player Affinity was born. Over the years, we have evolved, becoming Entertainment Fuse and encompassing all things entertainment, but we've also missed our fair share of opportunities.

Entertainment Fuse had always been a hobby of mine and many others. Because of that however, we lacked the time and capital to really grow and play with the bigger names in the industry. With over 20,000 articles over 11 years, the infrastructure costs have been great. To this date, over $8,000 has been spent from my own pocket to maintain the hosting for this website, but I don't say this because I regret it for one second.

The truth is that I'm much older now and my life has dramatically changed. My responsibilities have evolved from simple rent and utilities to plans to start a family, purchase a house, paying for a new car, and the list continues to grow. With the amount of work I have to do for income and my current financial responsibilities, I simply don't have the time or funds to dedicate to this website any longer, and it is because of that reason that I unfortunately must shut Entertainment Fuse down.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved with the website as well as those of you who chose to visit it. Without you all, this website wouldn't exist. While it's unfortunate that we're shutting down, I'm proud of the career advancements this website has afforded our team, myself included, over the years and for the countless hours they volunteered to keep content flowing.

Justin Moody