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10 New GTA V Screenshots Released

You know the drill. Its brand new Grand Theft Auto V screenshot time! This is the first time we have heard from Rockstar Games in almost two months since the game was delayed and then finally given a release date for the first time. Given that September 17th is still just under six months away it’s nice to at least have something new to look at, even though we are still waiting on the box art to be shown. Anyway, let’s take a look:

What we see is not anything we did not know already but it’s still nice to see them implemented in the game world. The shot of lightning hitting the city shows off the new dynamic weather system in place which adds a new sense of realism we haven't seen in GTA before. If the ground reacted to being struck that would be incredible but I highly doubt it is more than a background effect.

The next shot shows the lovely city skyline which again emphasizes the weather with real cloud formations happening as we play. Also, for San Andreas aficionados, Grove Street would be located in the far left of this shot if it is present in this new version of Los Santos. We can only hope. Next up is a shot of scuba diving that was already confirmed to be in the game. The level of detail looks almost as good as above water which will hopefully make swimming underwater a more interesting experience than just something else to do.

Some skydiving is next up which was shown in the 2nd trailer only this time there is no car that was jumped out of previously in sight. It could be the same scene however as the plane is far in the distance so the car could have fell to the side or it is most likely just one of the many different skydiving attempts you can make at any time in the game. All those falling planes is sure to make a mess though.

Franklin then makes an appearance holding what looks like a gatling gun and firing with reckless abandonment whilst a tree burns in the background. Next we see a police chopper chasing a sports car with its spotlight which looks very cool and the city in the background lit up at night looks gorgeous. But its not all about the city as we are reminded in the next shot which is a vast wide shot showing the countryside and mountains in all it’s glory. Makes you want to steal a Sanchez and ride over them for days.

Trevor is the next protagonist to make an appearance this time riding a bike whilst the car behind him has someone clinging on to the outside. The car in the background also shows people hanging on the outside seemingly trying to break into the cars. Maybe Trevor and his gang went there all on motorcycles and try to steal the cars for a potential job, Fast and Furious style.

The penultimate shot sees those turbines making an appearance once again with a car speeding past and shows the clouds once again. And finally we see Michael, our last protagonist, casually sitting on a car looking like something out of Goodfellas. Nothing major was shown this time around but more just showing off how stunning and well put together the world is. The game still looks incredible and makes the wait for September 17th even worse. Does anyone have a time machine?


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