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10 Spooky TV Episodes to Watch this Halloween

Once October starts (and sometimes even earlier) people get excited for the Halloween season. Some people turn to scary movies, but others want something a little less of a trick and more of a treat. Here are my 10 favorite Halloween themed TV episodes to rewatch each year.

You’re the Worst - “Spooky Sunday Funday”

You're the Worst Halloween Courtesy of FXX You’re the Worst is one of the best comedies on television right now, but it managed to pull out a truly terrifying episode of television last season with "Spooky Sunday Funday." The episode starts off innocent enough, with the gang wearing some great costumes (my personal favorite is Edgar as The Situation from Jersey Shore). Everything takes a turn for the spooky when they decide to go through the most horrifying haunted house experience. It's also great because even though it is a Halloween-themed episode, it still manages to move the plot forward.

Boy Meets World - "And Then There Was Shawn"

boymeetsworld2 This episode brilliantly spoofs scary movies of the 90s. There’s a mysterious masked figure, jump scares for days, two virgins who make it to the end (Spoiler Alert: Cory and Topanga) and some girl who screams at everything (Angela). It plays with the horror genre, while still remaining true to itself. It’s a deliciously spooky, but fun episode.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Fear Itself" buffy_red_riding_hood

Buffy had a few Halloween-themed episodes, but "Fear Itself" from season four is my favorite. The Scooby Gang is trapped in a haunted house and the stakes are high. The whole episode keeps building up intensity and you expect this huge scary demon to show up and in the end it’s a demon so small, Buffy simply stomps him out. The episode is the definition of Joss Whedon humor.  For added humor, viewers are also reminded that of all the demons and monsters they’ve encountered, Anya still finds bunnies the most terrifying creatures. I can’t say I blame her. (Side note, if you want something spookier, check out "Hush", also in season four.)

The Office - "Halloween" michael-two-headed-michael

The Office also has a few Halloween episodes, but season two has my favorite one. This episode shows a pretty accurate portrayal of what Halloween in an office is like. A few people go all out and the rest put in a minimal effort while high jinks ensue. The episode is also interesting because Michael is forced to be a villain for once, as he has to fire someone. Nothing like Halloween to bring out the bad guy in unlikely characters.

Freaks and Geeks - "Tricks and Treats" freaksandgeeks

"Tricks and Treats" is probably my favorite episode of the short-lived Freaks and Geeks series. It is smart, funny and proves that Bill is a gift to us all. His transformation into the Bionic Woman is fantastic and the best part of the episode. Even though it seems like this episode is showing the differences between how the freaks and geeks celebrate Halloween, it is also about Lindsay and Sam’s brother-sister relationship. He is still holding on to youth trick-or-treating with his friends, while Lindsay thinks she is doing more adult things with her friends when she accidentally eggs her own brother. Not exactly adult behavior.

Parks and Recreation - "Halloween Surprise" Parks and Recreation - Season 5

Parks and Recreation had a few Halloween episodes, but nothing beats the one in season five. Not only is the episode where Ben proposes to Leslie, but it’s also more well-known for the funniest scene in Parks and Recreation history. In this memorable scene Leslie and Ann try to scare Tom, but instead stun Jerry into well… a fart attack. It’s impossible to watch that scene and not laugh.

Chuck - "Chuck Versus the Sandworm"

Chuck "Chuck vs. The Sandworm" Chuck is one of those shows that not many people have watched, but the ones who have, love it. I fall in into the second category. I was obsessed with it and the Halloween episode in the first season is one of my favorites. Not only are the costumes some of the best I’ve seen on television, but the ending was one of the best Chuck and Morgan scenes. It’s even a homage to another one of my favorite shows, The O.C.

Friends - "The One with the Halloween Party"

friendshalloweenparty If there’s one thing Friends had down, it was holiday-themed episodes. Whether it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, or in this case, Halloween. The costumes for each character are perfectly picked out, with my favorite being Ross as Sputnik, which I had no clue what it was until a recent re-watch. Phoebe as Superwoman is also pretty awesome. It’s a fun episode to get ready for your annual Halloween party with your friends.

The X-Files - "Home"

x-files If you are looking for something truly scary that doesn’t have a cheesy Halloween theme to rely on, you can always check out any episode of The X-Files. The episode I always find the creepiest and most memorable is "Home." It starts with a baby being found buried in a baseball field, and it only gets more disturbing from there. It was so disturbing when it first aired, that Fox banned it from ever being aired again on television. It’s definitely a good one if you don’t mind getting a little creeped out by some very disturbing images. Those are may favorite spooky television episodes to watch this time of year. Are there any I missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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