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10 Things We’d Like to See in Season Three of Flash

The first two seasons of The CW series The Flash have featured characters and other elements from the comics that most fans never imagined they’d see. From the Reverse Flash to Gorilla Grodd, Flash fans can honestly say that the series has done its best to be faithful to DC Comics' continuity while offering a few surprise twists of its own. On the eve of the Season 3 premiere of The Flash—which we’ll be recapping here on Entertainment Fuse—we thought we’d offer our thoughts on 10 Flash-related characters and objects we’d like to see make an appearance: 10. A Rematch of the Flash/Supergirl Race supergirl-flash The Flash and Superman race regularly in the pages of DC Comics, but story contrivances often deny audiences a clear-cut answer to the question of who’s the fastest superhero alive. Season 1 of Supergirl alluded to this proud tradition when it had the Flash guest star in the “World’s Finest” episode. Alas, audiences were once again were left wondering who was faster—after all, they had bigger problems to deal with at the time, specifically getting the Flash back to his parallel universe. But now that The Flash and Supergirl share the same TV “universe” on The CW, a rematch race is certainly in order. 9. The Suit the-suit-flash Grant Morrison and Mark Millar are regarded as two of the biggest writers in comics, yet somehow their brief yet brilliant late-1990s run on The Flash  comic has been ignored. One of the most unique (and criminally underused) villains to come from that run was the Suit. As the name implies, the Suit was a sentient super-costume that housed the spirit of a mass murderer. He’d be the perfect one-and-done villain for the Flash and the S.T.A.R. Labs team to contend with—not to mention the fact that seeing an animated empty suit on screen would be creepy as hell. 8. Abra Kadabra abra-kadabra-flash Abra Kadabra has been a thorn in the Flash’s side since the Silver Age. Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in 1962, Abra’s gimmick is that he comes from the far future (the 64th Century, to be exact) and so his technology appears “magical” to us dopes in the present. Seeing as how The Flash has already given us time-travelling villains, what’s one more? 7. The Flash Museum flash-museum-flash Since Season 1, we’ve known that the Flash is destined to be remembered as a legendary hero. The Season 1 finale, “Fast Enough,” even gave eagle-eyed viewers a brief glimpse of that future in the form of the Flash Museum. In the comics, the Flash Museum is a repository of all things Flash, including exhibits of his battles with his rogues gallery. Given how often the TV version of the Flash has saved Central City, you’d think the town would already be breaking ground on a museum dedicated to him by now. 6. Johnny Quick johnny-quick-flash There are two Johnny Quicks in DC Comics history. The first was a Golden Age character who was also the father of Jesse Quick and, frankly, wasn’t all that interesting. The other Johnny Quick was an Earth 3 doppelganger of the Flash who was as wicked as the other was virtuous. In "Earth 2," a graphic novel from creators Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley, Johnny is a drug addict who gets his speed powers by injecting himself with “Speed Juice.” A similar character who serves as a dark counterpart to the wholesome CW Flash would make for gripping drama. 5. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) green-lantern-flash Thanks in large part to an underwhelming 2011 film, Green Lantern has a pretty negative Q-Rating among general audiences. But in the comics, Barry Allen and Hal Jordan are best buds. It would be entertaining to see Barry’s stuffiness be punctured by Hal’s cocksure attitude. (P.S. If The CW thinks Hal might be “box office poison” at this point, I’d gladly substitute him for John Stewart, who was the Green Lantern in the Justice League animated series.) 4. Max Mercury max-mercury-flash Also known as “The Zen Master of Speed,” Max Mercury is the elder statesman in the speedster community. In the comics, he helped train many speedsters, including the Flash, in the use of their powers. Since the loss of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne in Season 1, the Flash has largely lacked a mentor to help him refine his super speed and Max would be an ideal fit for that role. 3. Mirror Master mirror-master-flash Created by the team of Broome and Infantino, Mirror Master has long been one the Flash’s most persistent foes. His gimmick of using mirrors in order to create false projections and even cross dimensions makes him one of the more visually distinctive villains in the DC Universe. When the original Mirror Master died, his successor was a Scottish mercenary named McCullough who spoke with a heavy brogue. (Not so coincidentally, the new Mirror Master was co-created by Scottish comics creator Grant Morrison.) Put it all together and you have a character who simply must appear on The Flash sometime soon. 2. Impulse impulse-flash A character like Impulse is an illustration of how convoluted comics can be, which (depending on your perspective) can be fascinating or maddening. The short version: Impulse is the time-displaced grandchild of Barry Allen and Iris West. Created by Mark Waid and the late Mike Wieringo, Impulse grew up in a virtual reality world and therefore sees life as one big video game. (I’m sure many of you can relate.) Impulse is a great character who can provide much needed comic relief and joie de vivre to the series. 1. Mopee mopee-the-flash We saved the best for last, folks. What list of the most essential Flash characters would be complete without Mopee? For the uninitiated, Mopee was introduced in Flash #167 as a post-hoc explanation for the Flash’s powers. Y’see, the creators of the time thought it stretched credibility for Barry Allen to get his super speed via a laboratory accident in which he was splashed by chemicals and hit with a bolt of lightning. Instead, it was an interdimensional elf named Mopee who engineered the accident that gave Barry his powers. This “secret origin” was seen as so groundbreaking, so revolutionary, that it later got adopted as official canon and is now recognized as one of the best Flash stories ever written… Ha ha, just kidding—that Mopee story in Flash #167 was almost immediately retconned and never referred to again. If you have a better character than Mopee that you think should appear in Season 3 of The Flash, let us know in the comments below!


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