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Coming from 12 Gauge Comics in December is a brand new title called Magus. Just the tag line of "Where were you when magic returned?" has me looking forward to this title. Then add on the fact that DV8 Gods and Monsters artist Rebekah Isaacs is doing the art, pretty much means a purchase. Also Mick Foley's R.P.M. continues with it's second issue. It may be surprising having Mick Foley writing a comic, but the man can write! Be sure to inquire at your local comic shop if you're interested in these titles. Remember pre-orders help independent titles sell better.

MAGUS #1 (of 5)

Writers: Jon Price + David Norton

Artist: Rebekah Isaacs

Cover: Fiona Staples

Where were you when magic came back? After being sealed away for thousands of years by a group of powerful men and women, humankind's innate ability to use magic is accidentally released— leaving everyone on the planet able to perform magic! In suburban Massachusetts, Ben and Darius find themselves thrust into the middle of a changing, turbulent new world, and intricately linked to what's happening. Joined by a small group of new friends, these powerful young men must unravel the secret history of magic, while governments across the globe desperately fight to return things to the way they were before. Don't miss the first exciting installment of this epic adventure, featuring the stunning art of Rebekah Isaacs (Brian Wood's DV8)!
Magus #1
R.P.M. #2 (of 4)

Writers: Mick Foley + Shane Riches

Artist: Jose Holder

Cover: Brian Stelfreeze

After issue #1's surprise betrayal, and with an army of hired mercenaries on his tail, Revere races down the East Coast with the world's largest synthetic diamond in-tow. When a helicopter loaded with gunmen hurtles down from the sky in full attack mode, Revere uses his hyper-kinetic depth perception in a must-see, "Holy $#!t" fashion. Fasten your seatbelts and see the speed, as R.P.M. takes you on a super-charged, non-stop action ride—with twists and turns that only the hardcore mind of New York Times #1 Bestselling author and World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley could conceive. Don't miss it!

R.P.M. is ™ and ©2010 12-Gauge Comics, LLC, Shane Riches, and Mick Foley. All Rights Reserved.
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