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13 Minutes of Footage from Obsidian’s Cancelled Alien RPG

I love unseen64.com. They are one of the few websites that compile information on cancelled projects, allowing you to look over what could have been. Recently, they acquired 13 minutes of footage on Obsidian's cancelled Alien RPG, which I think everyone can agree would probably be a better game then Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The footage shows a lot of shooting, character creation, QTE's, skill trees, and squad control. It is rough at best, but it is always nice to look at what could have been.  The game was announced in 2006 alongside Colonial Marines, but saw the usual development hell. In 2010, Sega commented that the game was close enough to be a shippable product, but never saw the light of day. Everything looks rough, but considering that in 2013 Gearbox was able to ship the broken mess that is Aliens: Colonial Marines (which I reviewed here by the way), I'd like to believe we live in a world in which this game could have seen the light of day as well. 

I love the Aliens franchise, and I think if done properly, it could be turned into a successful game. I just wish someone would get the idea of how to turn this into a game and make it a reality.


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