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13 Minutes with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

The pre-requisite Call Of Duty game for this year's E3 is Modern Warfare 3, but it might as well just be called CoD: The New One given the predictable release schedule for the series.  In fact, Activision should probably adopt the Madden naming system, and just go with Call of Duty 2011.  Regardless, CoD: More Of The Same still looks quite good, and with the E3 video below, you can take a peek at thirteen minutes of the single-player campaign.  

In this footage, we see a mission set in downtown Manhattan as your squad of soldiers shoots their way through the New York Stock Exchange and ultimately takes to the skies .  Yes, America is under siege from those pesky Russians as with the last installment of the Modern Combat series. 

But all mockery aside, there's a lot of action going on in the video.  Aside from on-foot shooting, there's a great climatic sequence where the Player takes a mounted gun in a moving helicopter to fight it out over the New York skyline against a pair of Russian gunships.

CoD: Modern Warfare 3 will come out for Xbox, PC and Playstation 3 on November 8th.  Check back with us for a full comparison with how it will stack up against the new entry in the Battlefield series.


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